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Service Group 00 - Overall Vehicle

Fluid Diagnostic Card

Used to evaluate the true condition of all vital automotive lubricants and fluids.

Diagnostics for: OE Pentosin CHF 11S Power Steering, CVT Fluid,
OE Toyota WS & T-Series Transmission & Power Steering,
Conventional Brake, Power Steering, Transmission & Gear Oils.

Designed for use with Mercedes, Audi/VW, BMW/MINI, Nissan/Infiniti, Porsche, Jaguar,
Land Rover, Volvo, Toyota/Lexus/Scion, Hyundai and KIA.
Also Applicable to Ford/Lincoln/Mercury, GM/Chevy/Buick/Cadillac, Chrysler/Dodge/JEEP
and Honda/Acura.



The PAD II is a robust, drop-tested and waterproof Android based scan tool tablet with a 10.1 inch ultra-high resolution IPS touch screen. The Pad II boasts the same award winning software as previous Launch Pro-line scan tools including vast vehicle coverage, powerful special test functions, accurate and ultra-fast live data and graphing, along with module coding capabilities. Full system diagnosis is through a Class-1 Bluetooth 2.1 connector for optimum wireless connectivity. Also new in the PAD II is a revolutionary Customer Remote Diagnosis capability called GOLO that allows the shop owner and technician to remotely analyze customer vehicle data outside the shop – even thousands of miles away! A built-in customer management system and online user community link further extends the utility and efficiency of the PAD II.



OTC  Battery Reset Tool

Do you replace car batteries for BMW or Mini Cooper? If yes, this is a MUST have tool.
Certain models require a scan tool to reset the battery life in the vehicle’s computer when an old battery is replaced.
Failure to do so may create an over charging situation, shorten the battery life and/or enable limp-home mode.

The OTC Battery Reset Tool has all you need to quickly and easily reset the battery life.
The  Battery Reset Tool has the latest software to work on today’s vehicles where a battery reset procedure is required.

For use with late model BMW & Mini Cooper vehicles.




Use this tool for diagnosing electrical faults and CAN bus line activity.

Check power and ground circuits, check active protocol lines, or connect a multimeter or oscilloscope for detailed signal analysis.

Breakout Box and Protocol Detector:
* Connects between Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC) and scan tool.
* Detects data and protocol communication
* Monitors system voltage
* Display and high/low alarm
* Connect leads for increased diagnosis, analysis, and monitoring

Useful Functions:
* Verify ECU activity
* LEDs at pin-out display signal detection, Flashing LEDs for ECU activity
* Monitoring of OBDII data lines
* Probe lines with scope or multimeter for detailed signal information
* Check & monitor battery voltage
* Continuous numeric display or voltage
* Alarm warning when voltage drops below 11.6v or rises above 15.2v



The Bosch SMT300 smoke tester is a full-featured device that allows the shop to perform a wide variety of vehicle leak testing.

Using OEM approved technology, EVAP leak testing is made quick, simple and accurate. The UltraTrace UV® smoke solution used to generate smoke leaves a UV light-traceable mark that pinpoints the source of the vehicle leak. The tester is a mulit-functional device that can be used not only for EVAP testing but also for testing of oil leaks, exhaust leaks, wind leaks, EGR leaks, and many more.

A time saving device when diagnosing problematic issues, the easy to use SMT 300 features a graduated smoke control valve and flow meter and can be used with shop air or inert gases. The smoke tester is sold with a sturdy case, for portability and safe storage when not in use.


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$195.00 $150.00 On Sale!
WSS Reset Tool (Last 1 available)

Used to simulate a person sitting in the passenger seat. Weights are not included with this tool.


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