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Service Group 15 - Electrical System: Engine

The two-part alternator socket allows easy removal and replacement of the Free-wheel pulley. Required when either the alternator or pulley must be replaced. The tool allows the alternator to be locked by the 10 mm XZN multi-spline insert, which allows the central locking bolt of the pulley to be loosened or tightened.

Technical data:
Socket Insert XZN - M10 Drive:..........1/2"
Reaction Nut with 33 outer splines 19,5mm,
Drive: 17 mm hexagon length:.................110 mm
Weight:................ 156mm g


Alternator Combination Socket    

For use on Mercedes Benz A-Class
This two-part alternator combination socket allows easy removal and installation of the freewheel pulley whenreplacing an alternator or a pulley. As the pulley cannot be locked from the outside while loosening or tightening the central nut, the pulley shaft has to be locked by means of the Torx T50 multi-spline insert during the loosening process.


Technical Data:
Socket Insert: Torx T50
Drive (Socket Insert): 1/2"
Union nut with 33 teeth outer : 19,5 mm
Drive (Union nut): 21 mm
Length: 110 mm
Weight: 156 g


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